Frequently Asked Questions:

What is This is a Web site to support development of games designed by Lew Pulsipher, and to support published games. In some cases it will also sell .PDF copies of games or additions to games. However, PulsipherGames is NOT primarily a game publisher. I want to design games, not run a publishing business.

Who are you? I have played wargames since the 1960s, and at one time worked as a freelance writer and game designer. After many years during which I only played D&D, and sometimes not a great deal of that, I came back to boardgaming.

What games have you published? See the descriptions here.

What products do you offer? I may from time to time offer PDFs of RPG or boardgame work, but I do not intend to become a publisher. See this page.

How can I contact you? E-mail: Snailmail: Lewis Pulsipher, 2441 Ramey Drive, Linden, NC 28356. Phone: you'll have to get this directly from me. 

How can I playtest your games? First, write to me. Tell me what your experience is, what kind of games you like, what your favorite (and least favorite) games are. There's no point in you playing something you'd be unlikely to play in the normal course of events.

At some point you may sign up for the PulsipherPlaytesting listserv:

Do you have a game design blog? Yes, it's at

How can I buy your games? At present they are all out of print. Britannia (Second edition) is published by FantasyFlightGames.  A reprint of DragonRage should be published later this year. Swords and Wizardry will be available as a .PDF file at some point. Diplomacy Games and Variants will be sold, with additions, as a .PDF file. Valley of the Four Winds is unlikely to become available again in any form. Occasionally you can find someone willing to part with a used copy of a game through

What about "Euro"/"Designer"/"German" games? I bought Settlers of Catan to see what these games are like, after reading a lot about them. And I found I had no desire at all to play, which I expect will be my reaction to all of these games. I like to play and design wargames (which includes some aspects of role-playing games), and abstract games (oddly enough).  Insofar as Euro games are often abstract, I am getting into that side of things, but I'll never be a "Euro designer" per se.

So are you an expert player? I think that helps a designer, and 'way back when I did very well in tournaments and in postal Diplomacy. But I confess that I stopped playing games against other people some twenty-five years ago. I like D&D, which is a cooperative game, but I don't play other RPG. Otherwise, I like to play my own designs solo, and once I'm finished, I go on to play something else. At this point I have never played Britannia as it was published, either Gibsons, Avalon Hill, nor FFG editions.