"In olden days" I wrote many articles for Dragon magazine, White Dwarf, The Space Gamer, and many others.  There are many fewer professional game magazines now, and the one I write for is Against the Odds.  I also write a lot on my blogs (home: http://pulsiphergamedesign.blogspot.com/ ).

I have finished one game design book and am working on another.

I am posting  an article about excessive depiction of violent death in video games here because the link to GameDev.Net, where it originally appeared, no longer works.

My articles on Gamasutra/GameCareerGuide (not including a great many "expert blog" posts):

"So you're making a game for the very first time".  The comments on this Gamasutra "expert blog" post are fascinating.  16 May 11

"Playtesting is Sovereign, Part 2"  2 Sep 10

"The Elephant in the Room" (varieties of game-related education, lead article in Aug 10 IGDA Perspectives Newsletter special extended issue on game education)

"Playtesting is Sovereign, Part 1"  10 Aug 10

Opinion: The "Virgin Mary" of Video Games?  Depictions of Violent Death 31 May 10

"Identifying a good game school" (co-author Ian Schreiber) 30 Mar 10

"What are game designers trying to do?" 19 Feb 10

"Maxims of Game Design" 4 Feb 10

"Some Game Playing Styles, and How Games Match One Style or Another" [longer version] 25 Jan 10

"Playing Styles, and How Games Match One Style or Another" 26 Nov 09

"Opinion: Are Games Too Much Like Work?" 4 Sep 09

"All I needed to know about games I learned from Dungeons and Dragons" 18 Aug 09

"Game Curricula: Differences in Focus"  4 Aug 09

"Industry Hopefuls: Prepare Intelligently" 7 July 09

"Student Illusions About Being a Game Designer"  7 May 09

"Expert Blogs":  Triangle Game Conference, Law of Gaming, Effect of Reviews on Video Game Development, What Games Amount To.

"Twenty Essential Design Questions" 14 April 09

"The Nine Structural Sub-Systems of Any Game" 17 Mar 09

The Nature of Games in the 21st Century 5 Mar '09

"Opinion: What Does 'Game Developer' Mean?" 2 March '09

Why Design Games 13 January '09

"Characteristics of Successful Game Designers" 23 Dec '08.

"Opinion: Why Immersion Shouldn't Be The 'Holy Grail'" 19 Dec '08.

"Idea Origins" 9 Dec '08

My article "Why We Play" was published 14 October on Game Career Guide.  This will be of interest to anyone who designs games.

My article "Pulling the Plug: In Defense of Non-Digital Teaching and Learning" was published 2 September on Game Career Guide, the major Web site for people wanting to learn video game creation.  This is an edited version. My title was "Why we use non-electronic games to teach game design", they wanted something more provocative.  The Gamasutra introduction has a few comments.

A follow-up, "The Idea is not the Game" was published on Game Career Guide 23 September.  This should be of interest to any would-be game designer.

I have divided the other material into several categories:

1. Game Design.

2. Teaching Education in relation to games.

3. Other subjects/"the game industry".

4. Diplomacy (once upon a time my favorite game).

5. Fantasy Role-playing

6.  I also have a bibliography and minireviews of books about games, and links to other game design articles on the Web.

7.  Link to my Britannia page, which includes connections to "Sweep of History" magazine.